Child support is money that is owed to the child. There are three types of child support.

Basic support is support that is to be used for general support of the child (food, housing, clothes, etc).

Medical support is support that is to be used for medical insurance for the child. It is generally owed to the parent providing insurance and is owed to the county if the child receives medical assistance.

Child care support is support that is to be used for child care expenses for the child that are incurred due to work or school. It is generally owed to the parent that pays the child care costs, but is sometimes owed directly to the child care facility.

Child support is calculated through a formula that takes into account both parents’ income, the number of joint children, the number of any non-joint children, other child support owed, amount of parenting time each parent has, cost of medical insurance, and child care costs.

Child support can be modified when there is a significant change of circumstances, such as a raise, loss of employment, etc.

Porter Law Office works hard to ensure that parties are paying and receiving the correct amount of child support. Call today for a free review of your child support. You can also check for yourself what the Child Support Guidelines say is the appropriate amount of child support. While helpful, other outside factors can have an effect on child support, leading to either an upward or downward deviation, and an attorney should be consulted if you believe a deviation may be warranted.