Divorce is complicated and touches on a LOT of different aspects in people’s lives: legal, financial, family, emotional and spritual just to name a few. I’m well-equipped to help my clients with their legal challenges, but not the other challenges so many people going through divorce face. I have a list of professionals I refer my clients to, but I am also interviewing these professionals on their areas of expertise and common challenges faced to share the information with anyone going through a divorce. Check out the videos and if you need any more information from any of the experts, please contact them!!

Financial Checkup – Kris Harris with Primerica will give you a financial checkup before, during or after your divorce to see where you’re at and what you need to do to reach your goals

Decision making through values – Lisa Bobyak with Living Fully Balanced. Lisa helps women going through transitions (including divorce). Check out her website for a free ebook!

Chemical dependency issues are very common in family law cases. Learn more about the chemical dependency assessments from Christine Ruehling with All About You Recovery Counseling Services.
Some parents need more help with co-parenting than others. Learn more about parenting consultants and how they can help with Erin Kassebaum from Resolution Divorce Services.
A big issue a lot of divorcing parties face is how to qualify for a mortgage while still on another. Learn more from Dave Jamison with Rainbow Mortgage.
Not sure how to tell your kids you’re getting a divorce? Get some tips from Sarah Leitschuh with Sarah Leitschuh Counseling.
Learn more about how to get your finances in order before and after your divorce with Terri Churchill.
Learn more about how to Dial Down the Drama from Lisa Bobyak with Living Fully Balanced.
A lot of divorcing parties need to know how much their house is worth, but don’t want to spend the money on an appraisal. Learn more about competitive market analyses with Scott Schultz from RE/MAX Results.
Dealing with Personality Disorders – Get tips from Jenni McBride McNamara with Touching Trees Counseling and Relationship Services on how to deal with exes with personality disorders.
Learn more about post-divorce estate planning with Kathryn Wells from Wells Law (unless you want to leave all your stuff to your ex).
Worried your soon-to-be ex is hiding money? Learn more about Forensic Accounting with Corey Svihla with Intellex Forensics.
Figuring out your budget is an important part of the divorce process. Learn more about how to do that with Kat Caudill from Monarch Professional Services.
Learn more about how forgiving your ex can help set you free with Julie Court from Incredible Life Makeover.
Learn more about how Battle Cries can help you move on from a divorce with Julie Court from Incredible Life Makeover.
Immigration and Divorce with Dan Brown