Divorce is complicated and touches on a LOT of different aspects in people’s lives: legal, financial, family, emotional and spritual just to name a few. I’m well-equipped to help my clients with their legal challenges, but not the other challenges so many people going through divorce face. I have a list of professionals I refer my clients to, but I am also interviewing these professionals on their areas of expertise and common challenges faced to share the information with anyone going through a divorce. Check out the videos and if you need any more information from any of the experts, please contact them!!

Financial Checkup – Kris Harris with Primerica will give you a financial checkup before, during or after your divorce to see where you’re at and what you need to do to reach your goals

Decision making through values – Lisa Bobyak with Living Fully Balanced. Lisa helps women going through transitions (including divorce). Check out her website for a free ebook!