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Most counties engage in active case management.  This generally involves starting with an Initial Case Management Conference (“ICMC”) where a judge will talk to the parties and the attorneys and get a  basic understanding of the issues.  

The judge may refer the parties to different resources that may help them settle the case.  At the ICMC the judge will establish a basic timeline for the case and set a hearing or telephone conference to check back in with the parties and attorneys to make sure the case is proceeding as planned.

The length of a divorce case can vary greatly.  Some cases settle before the parties ever go to an ICMC.  Some cases go to trial and those cases may last for up to or over a year.  The length of time will vary depending upon how motivated parties are to settle and how complex the issues are.  

A couple with no minor children and limited assets and debts may be able to resolve all of their issues more quickly, for example, than a couple with  minor children and numerous business assets.